Class of '92 Reunion in 2002
Myrtleford Secondary College

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My gang- missing are Greg  and Monica 
Back row: Anthea , Kylie , Julian , Fiona 
Front row: Karen , Naomi , Belinda, Rosemary 

In March 2002 the class of '92 celebrated ten years of life outside high school. About twenty five students attended, out of a possible forty four. Thanks to Andrew for organising the quiz and Tiffany and Rosemary for helping decorate the venue.

Table decorations. Each setting had a copy of a class photo.

Guy-repressed urges?

Ladies- Lee, Jolene, Sandra




Back L-R Hans (geography teacher), Natalie, Brad, ?, Andrew, Paul, Gavin, Guy, Lee, Sandra
Middle L-R Bianca, Allan, Marcus, Lee, Coby, Trudy, Tanya, Debbie, Kerry
Front L-R Fiona, Julie, Jenny, Chris, Thaiis, Leesa, Jolene, Rosemary

Tiff helps decorate. Background- 'life since HS posters, school shirt and school dress.

Leesa, Tanya, Thaiis, Andrew, Andrew's wife, ?

Bianca, Gavin, Chris, Chris' wife, Trudy