The Reception


Ladies rest in the waiting room at the reception centre.
L-R: Evelyn, Kelly, Jacinta, Fiona, Tiffany

Elena & Tiffany have a drink

Elena looks for the next thing to eat, Evelyn & Jacinta 

Evelyn & Jacinta 
Fiona, Tiffany & Nick Cam needs re-tying. Evelyn, Cameron, Fiona, Tiffany

Reception Hall

Gordon & Ann enter the reception
Nick & Tiffany enter the reception Cameron & Evelyn enter the reception
Nick & Tiffany cut the cake Nick, Tiffany and Cameron, who made the cake
Nick & Tiffany cut the ribbon Nick & Tiffany toast
Nick makes his speech The band Mystical Groove & Sheryn


Women chase the bouquet Men chase the garter
Tiffany & Nick's first dance

Tiffany & Gordon



Tiffany & Grandpa Wood

Ann & Evan     Ann & Grandpa Wood


Rae & Clive

Alex, Margaret & Evelyn Bradley & Adele
Grandma Smith, Anne, Lynne, Tiffany, Jaimie Linda & Chas
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