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GLT Life

GLT Life is an object-oriented implementation of Conway's Game of Life.

A large number of LIF files are included in the package. Fullscreen and demo modes are also supported.

OpenGL and GLUT are used for display, making the program extremely portable.


  • Screen Saver for Windows.
  • Many built-in examples.
  • Entirely menu driven, no command line or keypresses.
  • Mouse zooming and panning.
  • Adjustable grid size, survival and birth rules, and programmed cell death.
  • Multiple display options.
  • Clean, documented C++ implementation.
  • Portable. (Requires C++, OpenGL and GLUT)


Windows   Windows Binaries (95/98/NT/2000/XP)
  • GltLife 0.5 gltLife0.5.exe (877 Kb)
    MD5 checksum: 9f235031edd1fd07b16adad8dbdeea82

Source code is available as part of GLT for Windows and Linux.


Source code available under LGPL.

No warranty, no responsibility taken.


GltLife0.5 June 7 2002
Screen saver improvements - should resolve problems on some setups.
GltLife0.4 Apr 14 2002
Screen saver for windows.
Performance improvements.
GltLife0.3 Jun 3 2001
Added demo mode.
Added full-screen mode.
Source code available in GLT source archive 0.4+.
Created self-extracting EXE for installation.
GltLife can be uninstalled.
Removed console window for Win32.
Added icons.
Winner of the (now defunct) OpenGL Challenge, May 2001!
GltLife0.1 Jan 22 2001
Initial Release

To-do List

  • Read and write files.
  • Detect death, cycles.
  • Mouse-based editing of grid.
  • Optional wrapping of world.

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Last Updated: Nov 6th 2004