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GLT Skybox Browser

GLT Skybox Browser is an interactive previewing application for skybox texture sets. The program can be used either from the command line or using Windows Explorer. The browser is open-source software - free to use, no spyware, no banners, no fuss, feedback welcome. The source code is available as part of GLT, an OpenGL C++ Toolkit available under the LGPL license.

VRML, Quake3, Half-Life and NVIDIA SDK skybox texture sets are supported using the following filename conventions:

  • l,d,f,r,u,b
  • l,bt,f,r,t,b
  • xneg,yneg,zneg,xpos,ypos,zpos
  • negx,negy,negz,posx,posy,posz
  • bk,dn,rt,ft,up,lf

User Guide

To browse a directory of skybox texture sets, right-click on the directory and select Browse Skyboxes:

Browsing Skybox Textures in Windows Explorer


Left MouseRotate
Right MouseSkybox List
Arrow KeysPrevious/next skybox
Tab Toggle fullscreen
Esc Quit


Windows   Windows Binaries (95/98/NT/2000/XP)

Included panaromas courtesy of IC7 Visual Services.

Source code available as part of GLT.


GLT source code available under LGPL.

No warranty, no responsibility taken.


GltSkybox0.3 30th Dec 2003
  • Added right-click menu list.
  • Resolved 100% CPU utilisation.
GltSkybox0.2 20th Sep 2003
Public Release
GltSkybox0.1 24th Aug 2003
Initial release.


(C) 1997-2004 Nigel Stewart
Last Updated: Nov 6th 2004