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GltColor Member List

This is the complete list of members for GltColor, including all inherited members.
_vectorVector [protected]
alpha() constGltColor
blue() constGltColor
brightness() constGltColor
dist(const Vector &x) constVector
dominant() constVector
fromHSV(const real h, const real s, const real v)GltColor
glClearColor() constGltColor
glColor() constGltColor
glColor(const GLdouble alpha) constGltColor
glFogColor() constGltColor
glGetLight(const GLenum light, const GLenum field)GltColor
glGetMaterial(const GLenum face, const GLenum field)GltColor
glLight(const GLenum light, const GLenum field) constGltColor
glMaterial(const GLenum face, const GLenum field) constGltColor
glNormal() constVector
GltColor(const float red, const float green, const float blue, const float alpha=1.0)GltColor
GltColor(const double red, const double green, const double blue, const double alpha=1.0)GltColor
GltColor(const int red, const int green, const int blue, const int alpha=1)GltColor
GltColor(const GltColor &col)GltColor
GltColor(const GltColor &col, const real alpha)GltColor
GltColor(const Vector &col)GltColor
GltColor(const std::string &name)GltColor
glTexCoord() constVector
glVertex() constVector
green() constGltColor
html() constGltColor
isGrey() constGltColor
length() constVector
norm() constVector
operator *(const GltColor &c, const real x)GltColor [friend]
operator *(const real x, const GltColor &c)GltColor [friend]
Vector::operator *(const Vector &v) constVector
operator *=(const real &x)Vector
operator *=(const Matrix &m)Vector
operator real *()Vector
operator!=(const Vector &v) constVector
operator+(const GltColor &c1, const GltColor &c2)GltColor [friend]
operator+=(const Vector &v)Vector
operator-(const GltColor &c1, const GltColor &c2)GltColor [friend]
Vector::operator-() constVector
operator-=(const Vector &v)Vector
operator/(const GltColor &c, const real x)GltColor [friend]
operator<(const GltColor &c) constGltColor
Vector::operator<(const Vector &c) constVector
operator=(const GltColor &)GltColor
Vector::operator=(const Vector &v)Vector
Vector::operator=(const float *)Vector
Vector::operator=(const double *)Vector
operator==(const GltColor &c) constGltColor
Vector::operator==(const Vector &v) constVector
Vector::operator==(const real &a) constVector
operator>(const GltColor &c) constGltColor
Vector::operator>(const Vector &c) constVector
operator[](const int i)Vector
operator[](const int i) constVector
project(const Matrix &model, const Matrix &proj, const GltViewport &view)Vector
red() constGltColor
scale(const real &x)Vector
scale(const Vector &x)Vector
toHSV(real &h, real &s, real &v) constGltColor
Vector(const Vector &v)Vector
Vector(const real x, const real y, const real z)Vector
Vector(const float *v)Vector
Vector(const double *v)Vector
Vector(const std::string &str)Vector
vmax(const Vector &v)Vector
vmin(const Vector &v)Vector
writePov(std::ostream &os) constVector
x() constVector
y() constVector
z() constVector

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