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GLT File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
glt/buffer.cpp [code]
glt/buffer.h [code]OpenGL Framebuffer Classes
glt/colmap.cpp [code]
glt/colmap.h [code]One Dimensional Color-Mapping Class
glt/color.cpp [code]
glt/color.h [code]OpenGL Color Interface
glt/config.cpp [code]
glt/config.h [code]GLT Configuration File
glt/countsrf.cpp [code]
glt/countsrf.h [code]Surface Counting Interface
glt/cursor.cpp [code]
glt/cursor.h [code]OpenGL Cursor Interface
glt/dlcache.cpp [code]
glt/dlcache.h [code]Display List Cache
glt/error.cpp [code]
glt/error.h [code]OpenGL Debugging Tools
glt/font.cpp [code]
glt/font.h [code]OpenGL Font Interface
glt/fontasci.cpp [code]
glt/fontasci.h [code]Ascii OpenGL Font Interface
glt/fonttex.cpp [code]
glt/fonttex.h [code]Textured OpenGL Font
glt/fontunic.cpp [code]
glt/fontunic.h [code]OpenGL Unicode Font Class
glt/frame.cpp [code]
glt/frame.h [code]OpenGL Frame Rate Information
glt/gl.h [code]OpenGL (proxy) header file
glt/glu.h [code]GLU (proxy) header file
glt/info.cpp [code]
glt/info.h [code]Output OpenGL information
glt/light.cpp [code]
glt/light.h [code]OpenGL Light Source Class
glt/lightm.cpp [code]
glt/lightm.h [code]OpenGL Lighting Model Class
glt/material.cpp [code]
glt/material.h [code]OpenGL Material Class
glt/matrix.cpp [code]
glt/matrix.h [code]OpenGL Matrix Manipulation
glt/mcubes.cpp [code]
glt/mcubes.h [code]Marching Cubes Interface
glt/project.cpp [code]
glt/project.h [code]OpenGL Projection Classes
glt/raster.cpp [code]
glt/raster.h [code]OpenGL Raster Position Class
glt/rgb.cpp [code]
glt/rgb.h [code]OpenGL Convenience Colors
glt/texture.cpp [code]
glt/texture.h [code]OpenGL Texture Class
glt/viewport.cpp [code]
glt/viewport.h [code]OpenGL Viewport Class
glt/zplane.cpp [code]
glt/zplane.h [code]Z-Plane Drawing
glt/zvis.cpp [code]
glt/zvis.h [code]OpenGL Z-Buffer Visualisation
glutm/axes.cpp [code]
glutm/axes.h [code]RGB Axes Shape Class
glutm/config.cpp [code]
glutm/config.h [code]GlutMaster configuration file
glutm/glut.h [code]GLUT (proxy) header file
glutm/kde.cpp [code]
glutm/kde.h [code]
glutm/main.cpp [code]
glutm/main.h [code]Optional main() and WinMain() implementations
glutm/master.cpp [code]
glutm/master.h [code]GlutMaster C++ Wrapper for GLUT
glutm/menu.cpp [code]
glutm/menu.h [code]GLUT menu management class
glutm/raypp.cpp [code]
glutm/raypp.h [code]Ray++ Support
glutm/robot.cpp [code]
glutm/robot.h [code]GLUT Window Event Trigger Class
glutm/saver.cpp [code]
glutm/saver.h [code]
glutm/shape.cpp [code]
glutm/shape.h [code]GLUT Geometric Object Classes
glutm/window.cpp [code]
glutm/window.h [code]GLUT Window Class
glutm/winexam.cpp [code]
glutm/winexam.h [code]Examiner Style Window Class
glutm/winiv.cpp [code]
glutm/winiv.h [code]GLUT OpenInventor Window Class
math/bbox.cpp [code]
math/bbox.h [code]Axis-Aligned 3D Bounding Box Class
math/matrix4.cpp [code]
math/matrix4.h [code]4x4 Matrix
math/path.cpp [code]
math/path.h [code]Parametric 3D Curves
math/plane.cpp [code]
math/plane.h [code]3D Plane Equation
math/point.cpp [code]
math/point.h [code]3D Position and Normal Class
math/random.cpp [code]
math/random.h [code]Random Number Classes
math/real.h [code]Numerical Constants
math/round.cpp [code]
math/round.h [code]Numerical Rounding Routines
math/umatrix.cpp [code]
math/umatrix.h [code]4 UnMatrix
math/vector3.cpp [code]
math/vector3.h [code]3D Vector
math/vector4.cpp [code]
math/vector4.h [code]4D Vector
math/volume.cpp [code]
math/volume.h [code]Volume calculation
misc/cbuffer.h [code]Templated Circular Buffer Container
misc/compress.cpp [code]Compression routines
misc/compress.h [code]Compression routines
misc/config.h [code]GLT Misc configuration file
misc/endian.cpp [code]Endian conversion routines
misc/endian.h [code]Endian conversion routines
misc/hash.cpp [code]
misc/hash.h [code]Integer Hashing Functions
misc/image.cpp [code]Image utility routines
misc/image.h [code]Image utility routines
misc/lru.h [code]Templated LRU (Least Recently Used) Cache
misc/memhist.cpp [code]Classes for memory use analysis
misc/memhist.h [code]
misc/observer.cpp [code]Templated type-safe Observer-Subject pattern
misc/observer.h [code]Templated type-safe Observer-Subject pattern
misc/refcount.h [code]Templated reference-counting pointer
misc/stlutil.h [code]Utility functions for STL containers
misc/string.cpp [code]String and wstring utility routines
misc/string.h [code]String and wstring utility routines
misc/text2src.cpp [code]Routines for converting data to C/C++ source code
misc/text2src.h [code]Routines for converting data to C/C++ source code
misc/timer.cpp [code]Elapsed Time Object
misc/timer.h [code]Elapsed Time Object
misc/internal/lzf.h [code]
misc/internal/lzfP.h [code]
node/blend.cpp [code]
node/blend.h [code]OpenGL Blending Node
node/dlist.cpp [code]
node/dlist.h [code]OpenGL Display List Node
node/fade.cpp [code]
node/fade.h [code]OpenGL Viewport Fade Node
node/field.cpp [code]
node/field.h [code]Base class for field serialisation/menu system
node/fieldmen.cpp [code]
node/fieldmen.h [code]Menu system for field heirachy
node/fields.cpp [code]
node/fields.h [code]Base class for field serialisation/menu system
node/histogrm.cpp [code]
node/histogrm.h [code]Histogram Node
node/interp.cpp [code]
node/interp.h [code]Interpolation Nodes
node/line.cpp [code]
node/line.h [code]Line Node
node/polygon.cpp [code]
node/polygon.h [code]Polygon Node
node/registry.cpp [code]
node/registry.h [code]Field heirachy based registry
node/shape.cpp [code]
node/shape.h [code]Scenegraph Node Base-Class
node/shapes.cpp [code]
node/shapes.h [code]Scenegraph Parent Node Base-Class
node/skybox.cpp [code]
node/skybox.h [code]OpenGL Sky Box Node
node/skyspher.cpp [code]OpenGL Sky Sphere Node
node/skyspher.h [code]OpenGL Sky Sphere Node
node/starfld.cpp [code]
node/starfld.h [code]Starfield Node
node/text.cpp [code]
node/text.h [code]Text Overlay Node
node/tiled.cpp [code]
node/tiled.h [code]Tiled Texture Viewport Node

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