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GltRandomSphere< R > Class Template Reference
[GLT Math]

Random points on the unit sphere. More...

#include <random.h>

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Public Methods

 GltRandomSphere (R &random, const double radius=1.0)

 GltRandomSphere (const double radius=1.0)
 Constructor using default RNG.

 GltRandomSphere (const GltRandomSphere< R > &gen)
 Copy constructor.

 ~GltRandomSphere ()

Vector rand () const
 Random point on sphere surface.

R & base ()
 Base random number generator.

const R & base () const
 Base random number generator.

Detailed Description

template<class R = GltRandomLFSRMix>
class GltRandomSphere< R >

Random points on the unit sphere.

Nigel Stewart, RMIT (

The trig method. This method works only in 3-space, but it is very fast. It depends on the slightly counterintuitive fact that each of the three coordinates of a uniformly distributed point on S^2 is uniformly distributed on [-1,1] (but the three are not independent, obviously). Therefore, it suffices to choose one axis (Z, say) and generate a uniformly distributed value on that axis. This constrains the chosen point to lie on a circle parallel to the X-Y plane, and the obvious trig method may be used to obtain the remaining coordinates.

Definition at line 294 of file random.h.

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