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ReferenceCountPtr< T > Class Template Reference
[GLT Misc]

Templated reference-counting pointer. More...

#include <refcount.h>

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Public Methods

 ReferenceCountPtr ()
 Default constructor.

 ReferenceCountPtr (T *obj)

 ReferenceCountPtr (const ReferenceCountPtr &ptr)
 Copy constructor.

 ~ReferenceCountPtr ()

ReferenceCountPtr & operator= (const ReferenceCountPtr &ptr)
 Assignment operator.

void clear ()
 Reset the pointer.

void reset ()
 Reset the pointer.

T & operator * ()
 Dereference the pointer.

T * operator-> ()
 Dereference the pointer.

T * get ()
 Dereference the pointer.

const T & operator * () const
 Dereference the pointer.

const T * operator-> () const
 Dereference the pointer.

const T * get () const
 Dereference the pointer.

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class ReferenceCountPtr< T >

Templated reference-counting pointer.

Dynamically allocated objects (created via 'new') that are managed via ReferenceCountPtr are automatically destroyed when the last pointer is destroyed. Therefore, a reference-counted object can be shared in different places in the system and will not be leaked or a dangling (invalid) pointer.

A count of the number of pointers to the object is maintained, and when this count reaches zero, the object is destroyed.

In a way, ReferenceCountPtr is a safer version of std::auto_ptr.

Definition at line 58 of file refcount.h.

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