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glt/config.h File Reference

GLT Configuration File. More...

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#define GLT_VERSION_STRING   "0.7-gamma"
 GLT Version string.

#define NULL   (0)
 NULL pointer.


typedef unsigned char byte
 8 bit unsigned char

typedef unsigned short uint16
 16 bit unsigned integer

typedef unsigned int uint32
 32 bit unsigned integer

typedef signed short int16
 16 bit signed integer

typedef signed int int32
 32 bit signed integer

typedef double real
 GLT real can be float or double.

Detailed Description

GLT Configuration File.

config.h,v 1.23 2002/10/07 16:27:46 nigels Exp

Revision 1.23 2002/10/07 16:27:46 nigels Added CVS version control info

Revision 1.22 2002/10/07 16:16:36 nigels Mark GLT for "gamma" (nearly 0.7) release version

Revision 1.21 2002/10/07 16:13:35 nigels empty log message ***

Definition in file config.h.

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