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GLT 0.7 November 5th 2002

Summary: Minor feature enhancements, some bug-fixes, some incompatibility with 0.6.

Compiles on gcc 3.2 (RedHat 8.0) and gcc 3.0 on SGI IRIX
Added VRML style background nodes.
VRML parser enhancements.
Miscellaneous bug fixes.

GLT 0.6 June 7th 2002

Summary: Feature enhancements, some bug-fixes, some incompatibility with 0.5.

Added Windows screen saver mode. (GLUTM_SAVER must be defined in glt/src/glutm/config.h)
Added PNG image reading and writing. (GLT_PNG must be defined in glt/src/misc/config.h)
GlutWindow now uses OnOpen() and OnClose() for OpenGL initialisation and cleanup.
Added large collection of pre-defined colours.
Added templated circular buffer class.
zLib library updated to resolve security issue.

GLT 0.5 Jan 10th 2002

Summary: Substantial changes, some bug-fixes, some incompatibility with 0.4.

Standardised on US-English.
Added TGA, BMP and PPM image reading routines.
Added OpenGL texture object support: GltTexture
Added OpenGL display list shape type.
Added zLib and lzf compression support.
Added support for compressed textures in executables.
Added volume calculation routines.

Fixed Linux timing bug.
Unicode font is now zLib compressed.
GlutWindow now receives keyboard-up events.
Some re-organisation to file layout.

GLT 0.4 May 18th 2001

Summary: Quite a few additions, some bug-fixes, should be generally compatible with 0.3.

All files in development archives now include glt/ prefix.

Added GltFrameBufferRGB constructor for blending existing captured frame buffers.
Added wrapper headers for gl.h, glu.h and glut.h.
Enhancements to GltColour for supporting alpha channel and blending.
Added GltClearColour for accessing the OpenGL clear colour.
Added some support for Borland compilation.
Added GltShape base class for drawable objects.
virtual void draw() const Draw the shape using OpenGL.
virtual bool povrayExport(std::ostream &os) constExport the shape to POV-ray format.
Matrix &transformation() Rotate, scale and translate the shape.
GltColour &colour() Colour of the shape.
bool &expired() Mark the shape for removal.
Added GltShapes container class for aggregating drawable objects.
   Children must be allocated dynamically. (via new)
   Children can self-destruct via expired().
Enhancements to GltFrameRate class.
Added GltPushMatrix class for convenient glPushMatrix()/glPopMatrix().
Added GltLine class for polyline shapes.
Added GltBlend class for alpha blending.
Added GltColourMap class for specifying 1D colour maps.
Added GltFadeViewport class for fading the OpenGL viewport.
Added GltInterpolator abstract base class for interpolator shapes.
   GltInterpolatorColour class for interpolating colour.
   GltInterpolatorRotation class for interpolating rotation.
Minor changes to marching cubes to supress compiler warnings.
Added const accessors to GltOrtho.
Added GltRasterPos for managing the OpenGL raster position.
countSurfaces now uses GltShapes instead of display lists.

Glut Master Enhancements:
   GlutWindow's receive OnOpen() and OnClose() events.
   Screen dimensions and elapsed time accessible via GlutMaster.
   Window position, size and configuration accessible via GlutWindow.
   Added GLUT shapes: GlutSphere, GlutCube, GlutCylinder, etc.
   Added GlutRobot for triggering GlutWindow menu event when a shape node expires.
   Enhancements to GlutWindowExaminer.
      Added OnOrient callback when viewing matrix changes.
   Added GLUT shapes to GlutWindowDemo.

Math Enhancements:
   Added phase parameter to Helix.
   Added matrixOrient method for orienting co-ordinate system to orthonormal system.
   Added toleranced checks to UnMatrix
bool uniformScale() const
bool noRotation() const
bool noShear() const
bool noPerspective() const
   Added comparitors to Point.
   Enhancements to Vector.
   Templated C++ random number generators:
      GltRandomNumbersLCG Park and Miller "Minimal Standard" LCG generator
      GltRandomNumbersLFSRMix LFSR based random number/bit generator
      GltRandomDouble Adaptor for random doubles in the range [min,max]
      GltRandomInteger Adaptor for random integers in the range [min,max]

Mesh Enhancements:
   Promoted Mesh to GltShape.
   Changed MeshSweep to output GltShape(s).
   Added comparitors to Triangle.

Misc Enhancements:
   Minor changes to text2source().

Added GltPlasma example program.
Added GltNote example program.
Added GltLife example program.
Added GltFractal example program.
Added GltPipes example program.

May 9 2001

Split GLT page into site with navigation.
Preparing for Glt0.4...

GLT 0.3 Jan 12 2001

Changed GLT include prefix from gltools to glt - this will break existing code!
Created Makefile environment for Unix/Cygwin compilation.
   Global configuration in gcc/
Double-buffering now handled automatically by GlutWindow.
Added OnTimer handling for GlutWindow.
Some reorganisation of directory structure.
Many updates to GLT page, installation instructions, etc.
Added GNU Unicode font support.
   Added conversion and support functions for wstring (C++ wide string class)
   GNU Unifont available from
   Using C++ for compilation of unicode font on Windows
   Using assembler for compilation of unicode font on Unix
Added configuration file: src/glt/config.h
Added configuration file: src/glutm/config.h
Added initial SGI Open Inventor support - not yet tested on Linux.
   class GlutWindowInventor : public GlutWindow, public SoSceneManager
   #define GLUTM_OPEN_INVENTOR for GlutMaster to enable Inventor support.
Added GLUT development archive for Visual C++.
Added Inventor development archive for Visual C++.
Added Utility binary archive for Windows.
   dos2unix Dos to Unix linefeed conversion utility.
   unix2dos Unix to Dos linefeed conversion utility.
Added Inventor demo binary archive for Windows.
Added Unifont demo.
   display and browse GNU Unicode font.
   text samples in German, Greek, Chinese and Japanese.

GLT 0.2 Dec 3 2000

No substantial change to the API.
Added Windows and Unix specific source archives.
Added dos2unix text conversion utility.
Added windows GLUT archive for MS Visual C++.
Now compiling on Mandrake Linux 7.2 (X11/Mesa)

GLT 0.1 Nov 29 2000

Initial Release


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