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Demos and Screen Shots


Examiner Demo

This demo illustrates the basic functionality of GlutMaster and the Examiner Viewer. The mouse can be used to zoom, pan and rotate the object.

Creating a similar application is a matter of replacing the OnDisplay() method of the GlutWindowDemo example:
void GlutWindowDemo::OnDisplay()
   // Clear the OpenGL color and depth buffers

   // Set the current OpenGL color to red
   glColor4f(1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0);
   // Draw a wire sphere
   glutWireSphere(0.95, 10, 10);

   // Draw the text info

GLT Marching Cubes   

Marching Cubes Demo

The marching cubes algorithm produces a triangle mesh from an iso-surface. The surface is formed by all points in space that evaluate to zero.

typedef float (*GltFunc3d)(float x, float y, float z);
Serveral functions are built into glt, but in theory any function could be used.

The function shown in this screenshot is the heart.

template<class T> T sqr(const T &a) { return a*a; }
template<class T> T cub(const T &a) { return a*a*a; }

float heart (float x, float y, float z) 
    cub(2*sqr(x)+sqr(y)+sqr(z)-1) - 
One limitation of this marching cubes implementation is the lack of per-vertex normal calculation.

Further Information about Marching Cubes:,,

GLT Ascii Fonts   

Text Demo

Several 8-bit ASCII fonts are included, originally VGA text mode fonts for DOS. These fonts are compiled directly into the GLT library, and are portable across all platforms supporting OpenGL. A nice extension would be to include other public domain fonts scoured from the Internet - perhaps public domain bitmap fonts initially designed for the Commodore 64 or Amiga personal computers.

Additional classes support cursor management and special effects such as shadow and faded background box.
Currently available fonts:

8x8 Pixels
14x8 Pixels
fontVga14 fontIso14 fontRoman14 fontCourier14 fontSanserif14
fontLcd14 fontAntique14 fontBroadway14 fontThinDemo14

GLT Unicode Fonts   

GLT Unicode Fonts   

GLT Random Numbers   

Random Number Generators

GLT includes classes for random number generation, including adaptors.

GLT Random Points on Sphere   

Random Points on Sphere

Generation of evenly distributed random points on the surface of a sphere

GLT Texture   

Texture Handling

Read textures from TGA, BMP, PNG or internal compressed format.

GLT 3D Studio Loader   

3DS (3D Studio) Loader

Read 3DS mesh from file or compressed in memory.

GLT Texture   

Open Inventor Samples

GLT and GlutMaster, provide a portable platform (OpenGL + GLUT) for Open Inventor programming. These two applications have been adapted from the SGI OSS Open Inventor distribution.


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