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GltShape Class Reference
[GLT Node]

Scenegraph Node Base-Class. More...

#include <shape.h>

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Public Methods

virtual ~GltShape ()

virtual void draw () const=0
 Derived classes should supply this.

virtual GLdouble volume () const
 Get the volume of the shape.

virtual bool inside (const Vector &pos) const
 Inside/Outside test.

virtual void boundingBox (BoundingBox &box) const
 Get an axis aligned bounding box, unavailable by default.

virtual bool intersects (const GltShape &shape) const
 Check for intersection with another object.

virtual std::string description () const
 Brief description of the shape.

virtual GltFieldPtr settings ()

virtual bool povrayExport (std::ostream &os) const
 Export to POV format.

virtual void flushExpired ()
 Remove expired shapes.

Matrixtransformation ()
 Transformation matrix.

GltColorcolor ()

bool & solid ()
 Draw as solid or wireframe.

bool & visible ()
 Enable visibility.

std::string & name ()

int & convexity ()
 Depth complexity.

bool & inheritColor ()
 Use current OpenGL color.

bool & inheritSolid ()
 Use current polygon mode.

bool & expired ()
 Ready to be removed from scene.

const Matrixtransformation () const
 Transformation matrix.

const GltColorcolor () const

const bool & solid () const
 Draw as solid or wireframe.

const bool & visible () const
 Enable visibility.

const std::string & name () const

const int & convexity () const
 Depth complexity.

const bool & inheritColor () const
 Use current OpenGL color.

const bool & inheritSolid () const
 Use current polygon mode.

const bool & expired () const
 Ready to be removed from scene.

Protected Methods

 GltShape (const bool solid=true)
 Constructor is protected since GltShape is abstract base class.

void transformPoints (std::vector< Vector > &v) const
 Apply current transformation to co-ordinates.

void glColor () const
 Apply current color, unless inherited.

Detailed Description

Scenegraph Node Base-Class.

Nigel Stewart (

Definition at line 58 of file shape.h.

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