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Timer Class Reference
[GLT Misc]

Elapsed Time Object. More...

#include <timer.h>

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Public Methods

 Timer ()

 Timer (std::ostream &)
 Constructor: Report elapsed time to output stream.

 ~Timer ()

double elapsed () const
 Get the elapsed time (sec).

clock_t clock () const
 Get the number of clock ticks.

void start ()
 Reset the timer.

Static Public Methods

void freeze ()
 Freeze all timers.

void unFreeze ()
 Un-freeze all timers.

void advance (const uint32 msec)
 Advance all (frozen) timers.

Detailed Description

Elapsed Time Object.

Nigel Stewart, RMIT (
The precision of this object is limited to the ANSI C macro CLOCKS_PER_SEC
The timer object can be used for measuring elapsed time between events. The timer starts from the time the object is created, and is reset to zero when Timer::start() is called.

When an output stream is passed to the constructor, the elapsed time will be output when the timer is destroyed.

Definition at line 60 of file timer.h.

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