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Plane Class Reference
[GLT Math]

3D Plane Equation More...

#include <plane.h>

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Public Methods

 Plane ()
 Default constructor.

 Plane (const Vector &pos, const Vector &dir)

Vectordirection ()
 Plane normal vector.

const Vectordirection () const
 Plane normal vector.

double d () const

double & d ()

bool operator== (const Plane &plane) const
 Plane equality operator.

void transform (const Matrix &trans)
 Transform plane by a 4x4 matrix.

void flip ()
 Toggle the orienation of the plane.

real dist (const Vector &pos) const
 Evaluate plane equation.

bool inside (const Vector &pos) const
 Evaluate sign of plane equation.

real dist (const BoundingBox &box) const
 Classify axis-aligned box w.r.t plane.

real intersect (const Vector &p0, const Vector &p1) const
 Intersect ray.

Vector intersectPosition (const Vector &p0, const Vector &p1) const
 Intersect ray.

Protected Attributes

Vector _pos
 Point on plane.

Vector _direction
 Direction of plane normal.

double _d
 Plane equation 'd'.

Detailed Description

3D Plane Equation

Nice illustrations and explanation.

Definition at line 44 of file plane.h.

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